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Hello there, I'm Jamie!

Specializing in dimensional color that grows out gently, dimensional blondes and reds, & short, feminine haircuts, with a specialty in fine hair texture.

If you've got a story, I want to hear it! Can I share about my daughter with you? How about my dogs? Maybe my cat? Or how about the dance classes I participate in? I will dance along side you as we work our way through this adventure called life!

Jamie Kelley styling hair
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My career started as a little girl with ALL of my dollies having perfectly styled and braided hair! Those Big Bangs from the 80’s? I totally had them. At age 8 or 9, I started wielding a

curling iron and professional haircare recommended by my families’ hairstylist. 


I feel incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days having fun, hanging out with

friends while designing beautiful, three dimensional art that inspires my guests

and colleagues with confidence and creativity.

 When you sit in my chair, my number one goal is for you to feel heard and understood. My second goal is for you to feel confident in the relationship we build to reach your goals for your hair together, whether you are looking for a new style or refreshing your everyday look.

Having fine texture hair myself, I have worked at creating techniques to help my fine

hair guests enjoy their hair; both in color and cut. Foiling and freehand

dimensional blondes and reds, as well as short, feminine haircuts (can you say PIXIE!)

are where the fun is at. While natural blending color that grows out gently allows

guests to maintain vibrancy as their natural hair starts to lose its' luster. Precision

haircuts that work with your natural texture and density to allow ease in care and

maintenance are my main focus overall for all guests.

I look forward to hearing from you to start your new hair journey!

Jamie Kelley Hair located inside New Image Hair Studio
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